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Bringing compassionate, personalized, and thorough primary medical care in a timely manner, so you can get back to your meaningful and productive life. We focus on prevention, wellness, and healthy weight-loss in holistic approach. We want to partner up with you to help you become the healthiest that you could be and to save you money in the long run.

Helping local residents get healthier and stay healthy, to enjoy life, and to save thousands of dollars from unnecessary Urgent Care/ER visits or hospitalizations.

High-quality Healthcare. Patients' Trust. Personal Connections.

What makes Peace Joy Clinic different?

At Peace Joy Clinic (PJC) Direct Primary Care (DPC), we prefer to get to the root of your problem(s) rather than just fixing the symptoms. We give effective weight loss & diabetic prevention (our strongest forte) education/planning individually (without harmful medications), comprehensive preventative care, diabetic treatment, blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring and treatment, personalized counseling against anxiety and depression, stress management, and life-coaching on how to live a victorious life, etc.

There is NO surprise medical bills from our clinic ever, prices "à la carte" and transparent. If you like holistic approach of primary care, click ENROLL, or you can also contact us by calling/texting 918-928-5597 or email for more information before enrolling.

PJC is here to help empowering you to take control of your Health&Wellbeing — physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially!

Once you are a MEMBER (regardless if subscriber or nonsubscriber), you'll have:

  • 30 minutes appointments, if the issue is complex, this time allotment can be extended to 1 hour if needed medically

  • Transparent wholesale/heavily-discounted pricing on LABS (70-94% off) for our patients, which are much lower than typical insurance pricing or cash pricing. Annual labs are available for less due to our direct-pricing agreement with local labs

  • No waiting-room or -line, no sitting by yourself in a room waiting for the doctor, no going back to waiting room after vital signs taken

  • No need to repeat the same question/story to many different people

  • No mid-levels (nurse practitioners, physician assistants), instead you get an experienced physician with many years under her belt.

  • Personal relationship/connection with our caring female physician

  • Peace of mind knowing that your doctor put your safety and wellbeing first--not pushing you out the door or churning you over like you're just a number--because Dr. Linh Stephens doesn't have any student loans debts to enslave her away from her callings in life to help others

  • No surprise expensive medical bills sent after visit, our prices are quoted up front and affordable

  • Save thousands of dollars from unnecessary Urgent Care/ER visits and hospitalizations by preventive care and insightful education

  • Enhanced availability with convenient same day or next business day appointments, because time is precious and time is money

  • Cancel membership without extra fees

A SUBSCRIBED MEMBER paying ongoing MONTHLY affordable fee (cheaper than most cellphone bills) will have additional benefits:

  • No cap on maximum # of scheduled visits to your doctor per month if needed medically

  • Privilege to have your doctor as your personal life coach

  • Access to Patient Portal where you can view labs, summaries, bills...

  • Ability to contact your doctor directly via texts, phone, or emails during office hours

  • After one face-to-face establish-care appointment, you will have additional options to do telemedicine visits even when clinics are not shut down for COVID-19. Telemed visits can easily be via phone- or video-chat using your phones, smartphones, or computers (no downloading apps nor sign-in needed)

  • Convenience of having renewal of medications over the phone--unless deemed unsafe by the physician and need face-to-face evaluation first

  • Many resources and knowledge to save you money for meds/rads, etc.

Doesn't matter if uninsured, poorly insured, or well-insured, We will NOT claim your insurance!


Get started to see if Peace Joy Clinic is right for you

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

Chat with us, ask all your questions, and we’ll go from there.


Does Peace Joy Clinic take private insurance?

Some people wanted to sign up with our clinic but the moment we mention we will NOT do insurance claims they declined. Let's do some simple math, shall we? You are paying $1,000 a month for insurance with a $1,500 deductible, so you can pay me $100 per visit for primary care? Older and wiser doctor told me less than 10% of folks meet their deductible in a year, so paying me $75/month x 12 months = $900 for unlimited # visits is still below the deductible. As a patient, I'd pay anything so my time NOT be wasted (in the waiting room or on the phone for hours to leave a message for my doctor or being passed around by admin/front desk, without an answer) followed by surprise bills because insurance denied claims, followed by unresolved whatever health issue I have because doctor only spent 5 minutes or less with me. I'd chose quality time & health any day because you can't buy back those once they are gone !

FYI, people who don’t like avant-garde changes will miss out on a "DPC" movement by ingenious doctors trying to lower the escalating healthcare cost in America! They are missing out on our little "life boat" (clinic analogy), and once our boat “filled up” (very small # spots), we won’t take anymore patients—so if they need our help getting them out of “drowning” (the mess the current health system will put them in, like many patients told us of their past) in high medical bills leading to financial ruins, and health crisis due to delayed access to care, we won’t be able to help them because our boat it is pretty small—small but comfortable, sails smoothly, efficiently, and safely, with Dr. Stephens as their “captain” who care about them and protect them from the turbulences of complex medical system and of disease processes. To see why Dr. Stephens is competent and trustworthy click here.

Our office and our providers WON'T file any paperwork with any insurance company, and will NOT waste any time dealing with insurance companies and their bureaucracy--We want to focus on taking care of and spending time with our patients instead. Patients could file insurance themselves and get reimbursements from insurance company for what they paid us (PPO usually does, but HMO unlikely so). We will give our patients the receipts of our visits indicating how much we collected and how it was paid-in-full by patient. To learn how to obtain money back i.e. get "reimbursement" for the money you paid to us during your visits, click here

In summary, PJC charges either monthly subscription fees or pay-per-visit fees. We strongly recommend you maintain your insurance in case you need expensive medications, radiologies(X-ray, CTs, MRIs...), specialized thus expensive labs even with wholesale prices, procedures/surgeries, specialists' involvement, ER/UCC visits, hospitalizations, etc. It's great that you have insurance, we just don't bill it. Keep your insurance for the big/bad and ugly such as emergencies, but don't use it for your everyday medical care/needs because we can keep costs much lower ☺️! You can still use insurance to pay for labs, meds, imaging, referral to GYN, and other specialists—basically the things we don't do in our office. The only thing you can't use your insurance for here is our clinic fees.

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What make Our Doctors different?

Compassion: We validate our patients’ sufferings and empathize with them. We do NOT dismiss our patients’ concerns; we take them seriously. However, we do NOT hold our patients by the hands or spoon fed them! Most importantly, we never force our patients to do things they don’t want to. Instead, we lovingly and respectfully tell our patients the truths--even if it’s the bitter truths--so that they can see the roots of the problem and the causes of their sufferings. We educate our patients about different treatment options, then give them the authority to navigate their care--under the meticulous & expertise guidance of our physicians.

Advocacy: We help our patients navigate the maze of the confusing healthcare system and its complicated terminologies/jargons. We fight on our patients’ behalf for cash prices of labs, imaging/Xrays, and prescriptions whenever possible.

Service: We listen to our patients, NOT just "hearing" them. We try our best to be available, flexible to patients’ needs, while prompt at the same time. Once a SUBSCRIBED member at Peace Joy Clinic, if you have a busy schedule, let us know, and we’ll get you in and out (either face-to-face in office or via video/phone virtual-visits during your breaks at work). You won't be rushed like cattle, because our physicians actually enjoy spending time with you--and are allowed to--averaging 30 minutes at least, sometimes up to 1 hour if required.

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What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

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