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MISSION of Peace Joy Clinic (PJC)

Bringing compassionate, personalized, and thorough primary medical care in a timely manner, so you can get back to your meaningful and productive life. We focus on prevention, wellness, and healthy weight-loss. We want to partner up with you to help you become the healthiest that you could be and to save you money in the long run.


Helping local residents get healthier and stay healthy, to enjoy life, and to save thousands of dollars from unnecessary Urgent Care/ER visits or hospitalizations.


High-quality Healthcare. Patients' Trust. Personal Connection.

What makes PEACE JOY CLINIC different?

At Peace Joy Clinic, we prefer to get to the root of your problem(s) rather than just fixing the symptoms. If you need this type of primary care, please click ENROLL, or you can also contact us for more information before enrolling.

Once you are a member (regardless if nonsubscriber or subscriber), you'll have:

  • 30 minutes appointments, if the issue is complex, this time allotment can be extended to 1 hour if needed

  • Personal relationship with your physician who knows you like a family's friend

  • Peace of mind knowing that your doctor put your safety and wellbeing first, not pushing you out the door or churning you over like you're just a number

  • Enhanced availability with convenient same-day/next-day appointments

  • No waiting-room, no line, no sitting by yourself in an exam room waiting for the doctor

  • No mid-levels, no nurse practitioners, no physician assistants. What you get is an experienced physician with many years under his/her belt.

  • Cancel membership anytime if you're not happy with our care.

As a SUBSCRIBED MEMBER paying MONTHLY AFFORDABLE FEE (cheaper than most cellphone bills) you will have these additional benefits:

  • Ability to contact your doctor directly via texts, phone, or emails

  • No cap on max # of scheduled visit to your doctor per month if needed

  • After face-to-face establish-care appointment, you will have additional options to do telemedicine visits even when clinics are not shut down for COVID-19. Telemed visits can be via regular phone or video-chat.

  • Refills/renewal of medications over the phone, unless deemed unsafe by the physician and need face-to-face evaluation

  • Transparent wholesale/heavily-discounted pricing on LABS which are much lower than typical insurance pricing. Annual labs are available for less due to our direct-pricing agreement with many local labs.

Doesn't matter if uninsured, poorly insured, or well-insured
We will NOT claim your insurance!

What make OUR DOCTORS different?

Compassion: We validate our patients’ sufferings and emphathize with them. We do NOT dismiss our patients’ concerns; we take them seriously. However, we do NOT hold our patients by the hands or spoon fed them! Most importantly, we never force our patients to do things they don’t want to. Instead, we lovingly and respectfully tell our patients the truths--even if it’s the bitter truths--so that they can see the roots of the problem and the causes of their sufferings. We educate our patients about different treatment options, then give them the authority to navigate their care--under the meticulous & expertise guidance of our physicians.

Advocacy: We help our patients navigate the maze of the confusing healthcare system and its complicated terminologies/jargons. We fight on our patients’ behalf for cash prices of labs, imaging/Xrays, and prescriptions whenever possible.

Service: We listen to our patients, NOT just "hearing" them. We try our best to be available, flexible to patients’ needs, while prompt at the same time. Once a SUBSCRIBED member at Peace Joy Clinic, if you have a busy schedule, let us know, and we’ll get you in and out (either face-to-face in office or via video/phone virtual-visits during your breaks at work). You won't be rushed like cattles, because our physicians actually enjoy spending time with you--and are allowed to--averaging 30 minutes at least, sometimes up to 1 hour if required.

PJC is here to help empowering YOU to take control of your Health&Wellbeing — physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially!

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

It’s an effort by physicians on behalf of patients to take back control of healthcare, to get rid of those that put themselves in between doctors & patients (such as businessmen, administrators, insurance companies, answering services/machines, triage personnels, coders, billers, etc). Doctors are tired of having to deal with all of these middlemen as much as the patients are, and DPC helps to eliminate all of that. At PJC, we strive to offer the most personal one-on-one care.

Once enrolled as a SUBSCRIBED member by paying a flat MONTHLY FEE, when you call or text, you will reach YOUR PERSONAL DOCTOR DIRECTLY, not anyone else!

DPC's advantage is in the PREVENTION of delayed medical-care, and of frustrations from talking to answering services who are not medically trained, or who don't know you personally or medically.


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