Pricing & Services

Negotiated Cash Prices ("client-billing") for our Patients with local Labs

Primary Care Services:

Monthly subscription $75/adult/month

unlimited visits, no hidden charges, no copay, no cancellation fees

Enrollment fee for subscribers $225

NONrefundable, for Subscribers

Meet & Greet $50

20-minutes to explore & inquire about clinic with doctor, NONrefundable, reschedule-request allowed 24hrs or more BEFORE the start of your scheduled appointment.

No-show fee for new patient $50

** Nonsubscribers one-time visit $295/visit **

Services to Non-patients:
No enrollment fee. Minimum half-hour charge, then rounding up to the nearest next 15 minutes. No refund if no show or if cancel less than 24 hrs before the start of scheduled appointment.

Generic non-medical consultation fee
Life-coaching, Financial coaching, Healthy lifestyle / Weight loss coaching, Stress management coaching, Conflict resolution coaching, Spiritual discussions/coaching, Christian Marriage or Parenting coaching, etc.

Professional-to-professional consultation fee
Rapid-fire coaching on how to start a small business, build a website for your small business and owe it, make a logo to your liking, improve clinic-flow, increase clinic-efficiency, narrow down EMR choices to your preference, etc.

Second Opinion consultation fee
For individuals who wish to keep their current primary care physician, but would like to have a fresher set of eyes on their medical syndromes, or to have a more detailed and un-rushed explanations of things that their current medical doctors didn't have time to go over with them.

Advanced Care Planning or End of Life Planning for nonpatients fee
For individuals who wish to keep their current primary care physician, but would like to have detailed explanations about end of life choices, to be held by the hands to make the best informed decisions regarding their end of life care, to go over numerous choices of life-sustaining treatments, or to fill out their Advanced Directive for Health Care, or DNR paperworks.

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