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OF NOTE, Dr. Stephens does NOT prescribe narcotics, benzodiazepines, or any controlled substances that have potential for addiction.

Doctor Linh Tran Stephens, D.O., is respected by her peers and superiors throughout her career and loved tremendously by her patients. She excels in all that she does and her integrity is second-to-none. She takes joy in taking care of her patients. She puts patients' safety first and foremost. She provides care that is personalized, in an effective and timely manner, while being fair and compassionate. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, children, parents, close friends, reading either medical journals or Bible, mentoring many, and helping anyone she can.

Dr. Stephens is an experienced primary care physician who served the U.S. Navy for 5 years as their Medical Officer, who worked in their primary care family medicine clinics, Urgent Care, and ER settings. Navy ER Department Head "fought" with other hospital department heads to keep her in their departments, and when Dr. Stephens left the Navy to become a veteran, this same ER Department Head said to others, "It will be your loss if you don't hire Dr. Stephens". After the Navy, she worked for the V.A. for approximately 2 years taking care of our beloved veterans in their primary care clinic, followed by another 2+ years with Cherokee Nation to aid the underserved community of Native Americans and our local brothers and sisters of Oklahoma.

She was awarded full-ride scholarships for both (1) college @ Texas Christian University via Community Scholar Scholarship, and (2) medical school @ OSU-CHS Tulsa via HPSP (Health Professional Scholarship Program). Dr. Stephens lives a simple life and currently doesn't have any student loan debt, thus she is NOT enslaved to any businessmen who put profit/money above patients or physicians and their relationship.

Dr. Stephens' current calling is to serve her surrounding community in the Bixby/ Broken Arrow/ South Tulsa area, and to make a difference in YOUR life & health.

Dr. Stephens has had many awards, including but not limited to:

Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Award for Medical Services (NAMS), youngest doctor to be appointed by the whole Naval command in Okinawa Japan (NHOki) as their Authorized Medical Department Representative (AMDR) (which are typically are given to Ortho surgeons), numerous certificates of praise/recognition by department-heads and commanding officers wherever she worked at, Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) by the U.S. Navy for medical school @ Oklahoma State University-Center of Health Sciences in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Community Scholar Scholarship (full-ride private scholarship) @ Texas Christian University, TCU Dean's List, graduated within 4 years by 2006 with BIOCHEMISTRY Bachelor of Science, with one physics course away from Physics minor. She was also part of a Chemistry research team @ TCU exploring wound-healing materials that led to the publication of:

Mao, Y; Tran, L.; Watson, W. “Organometallic Derivatives of N-phenylmaleimidetriazoles and Quinonetriazoles.Journal of Chemical Crystallography. 2006 Jan; 36(1): 25-39.

"Without her intervention for several medial problems I may not be alive today. Dr. Stephens was very professional, caring, concerned, educative, polite..." -- Anonymous #1

"Extremely impressed with Dr. Stephens' interest in my health and problems I am having. So professional and knowledgeable..." -- Anomymous #2

"... I have incredible faith in my medical team... we need more of Dr. Stephens..." -- Anonymous #3

“I had been to numerous pain management doctors and supplied medication to appease me and mask the pain. However, the underlying conditions kept getting worse. No one prior to you had attempted to get to the root cause of my medical problems and the severe pain I was living with. They only masked symptoms and sent me away with more pain medication. You refused to write for narcotics, and insisted that we find the actual problem and try to fix that. Along the way you provided non-narcotics that helped with the pain while you ran test after test and proceeded to find the underlying problems. You made my well-being your primary focus, and I was always satisfied with the care you provided. The nonnarcotic medications are helpful, and I’d like to tell you that my pain is for the most part a thing of the past. Thank you for being so kind and caring.” —Anonymous #4

"Dr. Stephens has done an outstanding job of keeping up with my care both in-house and outside referrals. I want her recognized for her above and beyond actions to keep me well; she is very good at keeping me informed and up to date on my care and returning phone calls... couldn't ask for better care. Thank you and a job well done!" -- Anonymous #9

"Dr. Stephens was awesome. I was extremely impressed with her bedside manners" -- Anonymous #10

“Dr. Stephens was very personable and very thorough when it came to answering my questions.” — Anonymous #5

“Dr. Stephens did a fabulous job. She listened and took my health concerns seriously.” — Anonymous #6

“Just want to say I really like Dr. Stephens. She takes time and explains everything to me.” — Anonymous #7

“Dr. Stephens was wonderful. She was very knowledgeable and kind.” — Anonymous #8

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